TikTok Thursday! Scared Crows, The Monster Squad and More!

A crow dressing up as a scare crow for Halloween probably isn’t the best combo.


Spooky fact: While scarecrows do work against crows initially, crows are actually very intelligent, so they’re quick to learn that the dummies are harmless. 🐧👻🎃 #naturalhabitatshorts #naturalhabitok #fyp #makeacrowemoji #SoundcoreGoForGold

♬ original sound – Natural Habitat Shorts

This is a huge Lego set!!!

Mario Kart Music LIVE!

This little guy is fascinated!


How cute is this Quokka?! ❤️ #quokka #fyp @lukeforrester_circus

♬ swing lynn – lovdfilmz

A great reminder!!!

Look at this Longhorn!!!

This is impressive!!!

PBS Kids was awesome!!!!

This cat has gone one big smile!!!

Movie night with my favorite TikToker and a favorite film from childhood!!

This guy is a Disney legend!!