TikTok Thursday: The Other Burger King, Ghostbusters and More!

Did you know about this Burger King that is not connected to the big chain?

The Ghostbusters return to the firehouse!


Who you gonna call? Behind the scenes of our interview with the #Ghostbusters cast, airing Nov. 17. #ghostbustersafterlife #behindthescenes

♬ original sound – esther <3

Kids say the wildest things!!

I found this game of pumpkin catch very entertaining!


Pumpkin Toss Challenge w/@nate_twer

♬ original sound – GREGTube

Why do the sounds in this video sound so good?!?!?!

Woah!! You can now own Eels and Escalators from Sponge-Bob!

Take a walk with this tortoise!!

Let’s talk to the elephant in the room!


Spend some time with the elephant in your room this weekend

♬ Heat Waves – Glass Animals

This guy scared his cats big time!!

Love how this cat just casually presses on these piano keys like he knows how to play!

Chris Farley truly was an icon!!