TikTok Thursday! Elmo VS. Rocco!

This cat loves these covers!

Elmo and Rocco’s feud is all over TikTok!

I did not know this about Target!


Bet you didn’t know the historical context of the target b@lls

♬ original sound – abigailpleasedontdothis

Go home cat, you’ve had too much!

Doodle Bob might be the greatest Sponge-Bob villian!

I’m not ashamed to be a McDonald’s fan!!


@Nate Bargatze wants you to give @mcdonalds their respect. #FallonTonight

♬ original sound – FallonTonight

This dog hates the icy ground!

This video confused me!!!! Why does this guy’s room a pond?!?! So many questions!!

This dog is loving Phil Collins!!

This TikTok deserves an Oscar