Black-and-White Ruffed Lemurs Arrive at Blank Park Zoo

Officials from Iowa’s Blank Park Zoo announced today that three black-and-white ruffed lemurs now call the Zoo home. The lemurs joined a pair of ring-tailed lemurs that have been at Blank Park Zoo for many years. The new three-year-old lemurs are siblings and are named Volana, Khari, and Zuberi.

“It’s great to add a species to an existing space,” said Jay Tetzloff, chief animal officer. “These three ruffed lemurs will draw guests to their habitat with their interesting and unique vocalizations.”

Currently, animal keepers are introducing the trio to their new home and they will soon get to meet the ring-tailed lemurs. Until the introduction process is complete, the various lemurs will time-share the outdoor habitat so guests may or may not see the Zoo’s newest residents full-time for several weeks.

Last week, Blank Park Zoo announced the opening of Alpaca Acres with eight alpacas joining the Zoo for the summer, and also recently the addition of two cotton-top tamarins were added to the Zoo’s Discovery Center.