A Greater Des Moines Conference for Young Men of Color

Hip-Hope Inc. has partnered with academic and community leaders to host our 5th annual, “Greater Des Moines Conference For Young Men of Color” on Saturday, December 5, 2020 from 9:00 am to 3:00pm. Due to CV19, we will be hosting virtually via zoom. Our goal is to intentionally address the issues and explore solutions for young men of color’s academic, social, psychological and economic success because Des Moines is greater when our Young Men Of Color do better.

Past conferences had over 250 6th-12th grade Young Men Of Color in attendance. We expect to have near 500 this year at our, covid safe, virtual conference. Our goal this year is to provide all participants with health and safe options, as well as navigational resources that they can utilize to “Win, Win, Win” over academic, social, psychological and economic challenges that are disproportionately impacting them over all other populations and demographics. They already possess the means to control their outcomes and thrive. Other outcomes will include follow up and tracking 20 YMOC of Special Interest for the next 4 years to observe how they progress from surviving to thriving. This year our goal is to help Young Men Of Color identify their natural gifts and set goals that will leverage their strengths against challenges that threaten their H.O.P.E. (Health, Opportunity, Prosperity, Education).

For everyone’s safety, this year’s conference is virtual. Workshops presenters will be a mix of educators, corporate professionals, and community leaders focusing on topics such as leadership, team building, academic achievement, self-worth, financial responsibility, goal setting, cultural competency/awareness, emotional intelligence and obligations of citizenship. Keynote speakers will motivate and inspire.

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